About us

About Us

Go Milk is the first mobile app based milk delivery service in Pakistan. Go Milk mobile app & website allow you to order fresh milk right from your mobile app & website, and let you pick your preferred delivery date & time so that you can get the raw fresh milk right before when you need it. All you need to do is just boil it. You can also subscribe to our daily/weekly/monthly plans and set a delivery schedule so that your milk will be delivered without any interruption. And, it is also important to mention that our milk is non-pasteurized, 100% pure and authentic, which means it is wholesome and nothing added nor anything taken away from it. Unlike, the milk delivered by your local gawala/milkman, which mixed with uncleaned water, chemicals, and contain hormonal injections. However, our milk is free of antibiotics and hormonal injections to ensure pure, fresh and wholesome milk delivered to you, which is free from side effects.

So just download the app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store and signed up in few seconds, and we will congratulate you for saying “No” to non-professional and unhygienic way of getting milk from outdated Gawala system.

Wait! We are not finished yet, you think your mom or aunt is not tech savvy? And don’t want to be missed out of Go Milk? No problem, we got you! They can place an order by just calling us at our UAN 031-111-222-86 or just contacting us at following details:

  • Mobile No: 031-111-222-86
  • WhatsApp: 031-111-222-86
  • Landline: 051-2328198
  • Messenger: m.me/gomilkpk
  • Email: info@gomilk.pk
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